Trying Weight Loss Exercise to Get Healthy Body

Wednesday, June 14th 2017. | Diet & Weight Loss

Weight Loss Exercise

Everyone wants to have healthy body supported by nice look. This condition can be achieved if you follow healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet, sleeping well, and exercise properly. Besides, stress factor can also contribute in your health and appearance. For those with excess amount of fat, they need to burn their fat by doing some weight loss exercise regularly.

There are several kinds of exercise discussed in this section to help you lose weight. The first one, you can try fat burning workout which takes time for about five minutes. In this exercise, you will combine several types of exercise including inverted V pipe, superman exercise, W leg lifts, knee kick and push up, jump squat, and skipping exercise each of thirty seconds. The additional exercise would be ben leg rotating and single leg lift jump each of one minute.

The next weight loss exercise that you can follow is cardio workouts. In this kind of exercise, you will use some cardio machines. The first one is treadmill. When using treadmill, you should run harder and shorter as well as mix the inclines and speed in order to create intervals. Second cardio machine to use is elliptical trainer. You should set correctly the resistance in order to feel pushing down the ramp. Do intervals in this workout to avoid getting bored. There is also stationary bike to try. In this machine, move your feet into correct position on pedal to have the bend in right amount. Other cardio machine to try is including rowing machine and stair-climber.

There is also aerobic dance that you can follow as weight loss exercise. Aerobic dance is also included as cardiovascular workout but inspired by dance movement at the same time. You can join the class taught by aerobic dance instructor which will show you the choreography. In this class, you will use large muscle and full body movement. It is usually started with warm-ups and stretching around ten minutes. It is ended by cool down around ten minutes as well. There will be heart range dance between warm up and cool down.

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