The Importance of Lemon for Diabetic Diet

Monday, July 24th 2017. | Diet & Weight Loss

Diabetic Diet

Diet for people who suffer from diabetes is different with diet for common people. One of the most recommended foods to consume on diabetic diet program is lemon. When it comes to reducing glycemic index on the system of diabetic person, lemon consumption is considered the most effective method among other fruits. In order to take advantage of this health benefit, simply extract the juice out of lemon in daily meal. It is highly recommended if you eat meat on the meal. Several dishes that are already includes lemon in the recipe is also good for people with diabetes as well.

Alternative way to consume lemon is by drinking lemon water early in the morning when the stomach is empty. Most diabetic diet plans always suggest this method for a good reason. If you are suffering from diabetes and want to reduce your weight, you need to start your day by consuming lemon water instead of coffee. Coffee has high acidic level. When your system is shifting to the acid side, your blood sugar level will increase. By consuming lemon water regularly in the first thing of your morning, your system will shift to the alkaline side. It is a good thing since your blood sugar level will decrease.

In order to make lemon water for your diabetic diet, you need to prepare fresh lemon first. Slice the lemon in half and extract the juice out of it by squeezing it. Add water to the lemon juice and drink your lemon water before your breakfast. There is a reason why lemon is highly recommended than orange. Orange is surely more delicious for some people. Unfortunately, the vitamin C of orange is half than it contains in lemon. Aside from helping to reduce your weight, consuming lemon water regularly is also good for your digestion system.

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