The Benefits of Low Carb Diet

Saturday, June 17th 2017. | Diet & Weight Loss

Low Carb Diet

Reducing consumption of carbohydrate is the main point of low carb diet. Since the carbohydrate intake is reduced, people who are doing this diet need to replace it with protein, vitamin, and mineral. It is crucial since they need to balance the nutritional value of their daily meals. Vegetable and fruits are rich of vitamin and mineral. Meanwhile, egg and cheese are good source of protein. Reducing carbohydrate consumption should also be followed by reducing starch and sugar consumption as well. Carbohydrate along with starch and sugar are contributed to obesity and overweight. Reducing consumption of those nutrients will reduce the weight as well.

At this point, you might wonder why it is necessary to reduce carbohydrate intake. As you might already know, carbohydrate, starch, and sugar can be easily found in your daily meals from rice to bread and potatoes. Practicing low carb diet is surely something difficult. Despite its difficulty, it brings health benefit to your body. It helps to reduce the production of insulin and stored fat. Due to the low insulin production and stored fat, the metabolism starts to change as well. It is good since it burns more calories thus reducing your weight. Moreover, it also reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Insulin and adrenalin works in opposite way to control the level of blood sugar in your system. When performing low carb diet, the insulin production is significantly declining. In order to produce insulin, your body need carbohydrate. According to research related to the influence of carbohydrate restriction to your body, it is confirmed that insulin production is reduced by 27 percent. It means that the amount of blood sugar is dramatically reduced as well. There also several other researches that mention about health benefit of carbohydrate restriction on daily meals. All of them confirmed that it is highly recommended for weight loss program.

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