Diet Plans for Men with Ideal 3-Meal Plan

Tuesday, June 13th 2017. | Diet & Weight Loss

Diet Plans for Men

Planning and working on the best diet is not just something you can manage in one day. It has to be properly planned. What you should know is diet for men and women are different. They have different need and thus require different meal plan. For a start, men need for energy than women. So, their diets involve bigger portion of food. Now, let’s take a tour to the best and effective diet plans for men.


Start the day with the first breakfast. It has contains 4 types of nutrients, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium and protein. You can get it from vegetables and fruit, eggs, milk and whole grain. Or, walnut and oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt can be great sources for essential nutrients. This first breakfast on diet plans for men has to provide enough calories. Continue with second breakfast by eating the similar ingredients as the first breakfast. It can be in the same portion.


Noon comes and you have to eat lunch. This time, the non-animal ingredient has to be in bigger amount than animal products. Include these ingredients: whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Add salad and soup into the lunch plan. Eat enough portions to keep enough calories. Between the meals, there are several kinds of snacks to keep your mouth busy and body energized. These include apples, walnuts, cheese, berries, yogurt and whole grain cereal. Snacking can actually help controlling appetite.


And now it’s time for dinner. Unlike breakfast and lunch where you are encouraged to eat big portion of food, you have to keep the portion less for dinner. Before eating the main course, start it with low-calorie salad. This appetizer can actually reduce 12% food intake. It can be green salad made from various veggies. Then, continue to main course with fish and lean meat to build muscle. Stick to these diet plans for men and you’ll lose weight and build muscle with optimum result.

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