Basic Rules of Vegan Diet

Thursday, June 15th 2017. | Diet & Weight Loss

Vegan Diet

Vegan diet is no usual vegetarian diet. It is few steps further. When it comes to this diet type, it means a total cut to all animal products including eggs and dairy. It’s a total vegan. Well, it sounds a bit worrying for some people but it surprisingly gives huge benefits to human body. Take a look at Beyonce or Bill Clinton, the two vegan diet followers.

In vegan diet, there are several important things to know. Once you start this diet, make sure you consume enough amount of vitamin B12 by taking supplements. It’s essential to keep the blood cells and body nerves in proper state as well as to avoid constipation, weakness and tiredness. Then, you must have proper iron intake as well. Again, you can get it from supplement. In this diet plan, you only consume non-heme iron thus lack of heme iron which is easier to absorb. So, to balance the amount, taking iron supplement is the least you can do.

When you are a vegan, it doesn’t mean you do not need protein. Just like everybody else, you need protein. In this case, new alternative protein sources are what you need. Non animal protein sources are lentils, quinoa, natural soy, seitan and beans. Despite the warning from doctors about the danger hidden behind soy, this protein source is actually very safe and recommended to consume in proper amount.

Even vegan deserves to crave for delicious snacks like non vegan does. To fulfill this craving desire, there are various choices recommended to eat. They are granola, fresh fruit, swiss rolls, chocolate, trail mix, festive salsa, spicy pizza bagels, tortilla deeps and more else. If you want to buy processed snack at grocery stores, make sure to read the labels because some products still use animal-related products and derivatives. This is very crucial to avoid during vegan diet.

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